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Candle Making Kit

Create Your Own Positive Energy
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Product Information:

Invite good energy into your home with a fun and spiritual activity that will also allow you to channel your creativity. The Almeara candle making kit is assembled especially for beginners, with clear step-by-step instructions that contribute to a stress-free candle making experience. This is an all-in-one kit that includes everything you need for your candle making activity - even a stainless steel pitcher and a thermometer.

All components included in this scented candle making kit are premium quality and non-toxic. The soy wax is paraffin-free and produces a cleaner burn than regular wax candles and the essential oils are all authentic with a pure and lasting fragrance. If you would like to surprise a friend who would enjoy a spiritual gift, our kit comes in a beautiful box ready for gifting.

Package includes:

  • 4 custom-designed metal cans
  • 4 custom-designed metal cans
  • 4 cotton wicks
  • 4 stirring sticks
  • 4 wick centering sticks
  • 4 glue dots
  • 4 packs candle dye
  • 4 bottles of essential oils
  • 4 candle warning labels
  • 1 product insert/manua
  • 1 stainless steel melting pot
  • 1 thermometer
  • 3 finger protectors

Product Features

  • Easy DIY Candles - The Almeara candle kit includes clear step-by-step instructions on how to make your own candles easily. Enjoy a stress-free candle making experience with our high quality, yet beginner-friendly candle kit.
  • Good for 4 Candles - Complete with all accessories you need to make a total of 4 scented soy wax candles. The Almeara soy candle making kit also includes a stainless steel pitcher, thermometer, and stirring sticks for your convenience.
  • All Premium Quality - Every component in our candle making kit is of the highest quality - from the paraffin-free soy wax that produces a cleaner burn to authentic essential oil for a more potent and lasting fragrance.
  • Harmonious Aesthetic - A fun yet solemn activity that helps you get in touch with your creative side. We made sure that the scent, colors, and metal candle holders in the set work perfectly together .
  • Embrace Life with Almeara - At Almeara, we believe in the power of nature in spiritual healing, cleansing, and protection. Each of our products channels positive energy from natural sources and brings them to you.

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Fun and easy

You can't go wrong using this set. I'm so excited to get started!!! I will post a picture of the finished product. I would definitely recommend to all my fellow crafters.

Queen Bam
fun diy gift for yourself or others

I haven't made the candles yet, but I unboxed everything in preparation. The directions are simple but seem easy enough and complete. There is also a website with more details. The colors are fun and the scents are pleasant. I appreciate the use of essential oils for fragrances instead of synthetic fragrances. The parts of the kit are all quality and could be used again if I decide I like making candles and want to purchase more wax/ wicks. Considering the prices of candles, I think this kit is a steal.

Great directions

This comes with great directions easy to teach people both took about 30 minutes It's great to for beginners especially with learning it comes with howllywood and step-by-step colors since I would definitely be buying another pack.

ericka jimenez
Easy and Fun

This came out really well. My ten year old pretty much did all of this by himself with a little help on the heating aspect. It came out very well with a lovely Lavender smell. This is a fun craft to do. He loves it!

David Green
Easy kit, works wonderfully

The instructions were very easy to follow and it was my first time making candles so I was alittle intimidated at first but when I gave it a go, everything looks perfect.The kit comes with everything you need and is very easy to follow.I think overall this product is wonderful!

Very pretty

This is an all inclusive candle making kit. Everything you need to make the candles is in the box. The instructions are easy to follow, but I worry a little about the safety aspect. The directions say to put the pitcher, filled with wax, directly on the stove burner to melt, and then add the coloring wax flakes. I feel it would be much safer to use the double boiler method of melting the wax. There are three silicone finger cots of different sizes to use while handling the hot pitcher. The picture shows using just a thumb and forefinger to handle the pitcher. I don't think I could hold that pitcher with just two fingers safely. On the back of the instructions there is a warning that candle making can be dangerous if not performed properly. I believe that with some common sense attention to safety these candles can be made and enjoyed by anyone.