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Crystal Water Bottle - Fire

Almeara Crystal Infused Tempered Glass Water Bottle Fire - Red Jasper and Clear Quartz Crystals in Gem Pod - With Tea Strainer - Lead-Free, BPA-Free, Crack-Resistant - Mindful Spiritual Healing
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Product Information:

Infuse Your Water or Tea with Positive Energy. Let the energy from real crystals fill you from within when you drink crystal-infused water, juice, or tea in your crystal water bottle. Ordinary water or tea is transformed instantly with the positive energy it absorbs from the powerful crystals.

We have purposely customized our crystal selection to provide holistic benefits for your body and soul - red jasper to inspire self-confidence and clear quartz for your intentions. For safety and hygienic purposes, we've included a separate gem pod to encase your crystals and prevent direct contact with your drinking water. Our glass bottle is lead-free, bpa-free, and 100% non-toxic.

The Almeara Crystal Water Bottle is made with extra durable borosilicate tempered glass - with thicker screws for added crack-resistance. This ensures your glass bottle won't break easily, even if it comes in contact with boiling water. Perfect for hot tea or cold fruit juice, which you can strain using the stainless steel tea strainer included in the package.

The Almeara Crystal Water Bottle can be your thoughtful gift for a spiritual friend or loved one - delivered in beautiful gift-ready packaging. The bottle top is made with rose gold stainless steel and we also included a protective bottle sleeve with a handle so you can easily infuse your drinks on the go.

Package inclusions:

  • (1) Tempered glass bottle with rose gold stainless steel caps
  • (1) Stainless steel tea infuser
  • (1) Large gem pod
  • (10) Large Jasper
  • (1) Pack of clear quartz
  • (1) Protective sleeve with handle

Product Features:

  • Drink In The Crystal Energy - Let positive energy fill you from within when you drink your water or tea from the Almeara Crystal Water Bottle. This package includes a customized mix of real crystals that you can bring with you wherever you go.
  • Safe and Non-Toxic - Almeara Crystal Water Bottle is designed with a separate gem pod that encases the crystals and prevents direct contact with your drinking water. This bottle is made with lead-free and BPA-free material for added safety.
  • Unique Crystal Selection - Each crystal in this bottle serves a specific purpose. Red jasper encourages self-confidence and the clear quartz is used to dedicate intentions. Infuse your water or tea and be empowered with positivity.
  • Durable and Crack-Resistant - The bottle is made with extra-hardened borosilicate tempered glass that won't easily break, even upon contact with boiling water. We also used thicker screws to prevent cracks in the glass.
  • Embrace Life with Almeara - At Almeara, we believe in the power of nature in spiritual healing, cleansing, and protection. Each of our products channels positive energy from natural sources and brings them to you.

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