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Space Cleansing Kit

Almeara Space Cleansing 2-in-1 Candle Set
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Product Information:

Invite healing, harmony, and happiness into your home with a complete home cleansing candle set from Almeara. The Almeara Space Cleansing Kit includes a white sage candle used for cleansing any space of negative energy and a palo santo candle used for bringing positive energy back. Feel the aura of your house transform by lighting the two candles one after the other.

Almeara candles are made with 100% soy wax - safe, non-toxic, paraffin-free, and petroleum-free. Our soy wax candles are also proven to last longer than regular candles - with over 20 hours burning time for each - a total of more than 40 hours burning time for both candles in the set. Each candle is enhanced with a high concentration of natural essential oils that emit a more potent and lasting scent that will fill the air for hours.

The Almeara Space Cleansing Kit makes a unique and useful housewarming gift for a spiritual or nature-loving friend, family member, or loved one. The set comes in beautiful giftable packaging with each candle in its own metal jar with their own metal lids. While regular soy wax candles are usually white, each candle in the Almeara set is color-customized - light green for sage and light brown for palo santo. Both candles will add a touch of understated elegance in the living room, bedroom, or any corner in any home.

Product details:

  • Package inclusions: 1 Sage Candle and 1 Palo Santo Candle (3.7oz each) in their own metal jars with lids, with product insert and gift card
  • 100% Soy Wax
  • Non-toxic: paraffin-free and petroleum-free
  • With 8% concentrated essential oils bearing the authentic and original scents of palo santo and white sage

Product Featured:

  • 2 in 1 Candle Set - Invite spiritual healing and happiness into your home with the Almeara Space Cleansing Kit. Light the sage candle to smudge and cleanse your house of negative energy, then restore positive energy with the palo santo candle.
  • Authentic Natural Fragrance - Almeara candles have a high concentration of pure essential oils for that lasting fragrance with natural benefits. Experience the original and authentic scent of palo santo and white sage.
  • Cleaner and Longer Burn - Made with 100% soy wax - known to be non-toxic, paraffin-free, and petroleum-free. Our soy wax candles also have a longer burning time than other candles - with this set having a total of more than 40 hours burn time.
  • Elegant Home Accents - Both candles are encased in one-of-a-kind beautiful metal jars, each with their own metal lids. Each candle is customized with its own color, unlike regular soy candles.We have light green for sage and light brown for palo santo.
  • Embrace Life with Almeara - At Almeara, we believe in the power of nature in spiritual healing, cleansing, and protection. Each of our products channelpositive energy from natural sources and brings them to you.

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Me encantó, delicado, práctica y multiuso.

Me encantó, delicado, práctica y multiuso.


This bottle was packaged beautifully and I swear after sitting my crystals in the window to get a little full moon…my water taste better. Mmm, is there a way another bottle could be made? Different color with different crystals? Because I would buy it!! I even had coworkers ask me about the bottle✨

wow. absolutely beautiful 11/10 recommend

The picture is only the packaging it came in,, unboxing is a whole magical experience, you’ll have to do it yourself. Not showing anymore pics of the unboxing or bottle bc seriously just buy it and you’ll be amazed. The quality of each part of the product is top tier and you can tell this company puts a lot of care, love and effort into their products. As a certified crystal healer and advanced crystal practitioner i can say that the crystals are real and each type have their own beautiful energy. I can’t even imagine how fun this will be to drink from!! I’m so happy with this purchase, wonderful value for the money and a simply lovely bottle 💕💕💕

Beautifully scented and burn so cleanly!

I burned these candles to clear negative energy (sage) and bring in sweetness (Palo Santo) after cleaning. These smell so great and really made the energy of my space feel clearer! These also burn very cleanly, with no soot or dark residue, a sign of a candle made from quality natural ingredients. Definitely recommend.

Amazon Customer
Space cleansing kit

This candle set is designed for a cleansing ritual. The white sage says it is to remove negative energy and the Palo Santo is to invite positive energy. I wasn’t crazy about the scent of the white sage, but the Palo Santo is really nice. I did let the white sage burn all the way down over the course of a few days. The tin was completely empty after the candle finally burned out. This set would be a good gift for someone going through something- a break-up, job change, whatever. It’d be nice to send it to them with a nice note if you can’t be there, but even nicer to bring the gift, maybe with some wine or dinner and burn these candles together with intention.

Great gift option sis loved it!

I bought these as a gift for my sister and she loves it she says they smell amazing I'm considering buying a set for myself!

Arlene Alleyne